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Posted by Felipe on 04-21-2004 11:51 PM:

Search discussion

how do you search the discussion forum?

If I use the search box on the top of the page, I get "The page cannot be found."

Felipe Garcia
Happy Treo 600 user, so far. Thanx Cingular for having an unlocked phone.

My Treo 600 is my phone, my PDA, my watch, and my MP3 player. Oh yeah, I take a picture once in a while with it. Convergence is such a great thing.

Posted by ganoe on 06-24-2004 09:44 AM:

It's a couple months later and this still doesn't work. If one of the main reasons for keeping this site going is historical reasons (at least that's one thing I saw an admin mention), then being able to search the discussions and/or the rest of the site is a very important feature.

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