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Posted by rrdude on 08-22-2003 04:51 PM:

Angry Old Visor Died, can't synch NEW? HELP!

I need your help folks! My old Prism died. Had A LOT of stuff on it, and HotSynched regulary. (3rd party, VisorPhone, ACT!, etc., etc.)

This is what I've done so far. On the PC I set the "Desktop to overide HandHeld on all opti0ns. THEN:
1) A hard reset on the "new" Prisim.
2) Removed VisorPhone from PDA
3) Pressed Synch button on PDA.
4) On PC, it asked me to choose a user, I choose me, the only option.
5) PDA and PC looked as tho they were synch-ing. They went thru the SMS, Blazer, and then it stuck on Phone callDB

One time it just timed out, another time it gave me an error message "Memory Mgr.c, Line:3282 Invalid Card # " on the PDA

I am DEAD IN THE WATER WITHOUT this, Can someone please advise?

Posted by Uncle Roger on 09-06-2003 06:30 PM:

Try doing it with the visorphone installed. It may be looking for the module if the phone call db is related to it. Other than that, try moving that file out of the palm/.../backup folder into some other, temp folder and syncing. You won't get that file, but most is better than none.

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