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Posted by alto2 on 02-09-2003 08:12 PM:

Question Visor Deluxe screen problem

I turned on my Visor the other night, and everything was fin until I tried to tap the screen. I did soft, system, hard, and power-down resets to no avail. I emailed Handspring for advice and all they came up with was "Call us and fork over $20 and we'll see if we can help you."

Now, I have always liked my Visor, but if the screen and/or digitizer are toast, it seems to me to be a better use of my cash to go buy something new. I know I can get parts online, but I'm not quite savvy enough to be comfortable taking this critter apart. They say they'll waive the fee if they replace the Visor, but since I've had it for 18 months, I'm doubting they mean that they'll replace it for free. Am I right about this?

Any idea what Handspring might tell me? I honestly can't believe they wouldn't have a good idea of what the problem is without me having to call them--which looks like a way to make an extra $20, from where I sit. This is a pretty clear situation, considering what I've tried, so why can't they give me a few ideas, or just tell me that the game is over, I must've dropped it or whatever, and I should go find something new?

Anyway, my gripe with their service is a side issue. If you had this Visor, in this condition, would you think it was worth it to call them, or would you start looking for a replacement?



Posted by ktran on 02-09-2003 09:52 PM:

a few more details... please

What happens when you reset it?

Does the screen appear normally?

Posted by ktran on 02-09-2003 09:56 PM:

a few more details please

What happens exactly when you reset it?

What displays on the screen?

Do your application buttons still work?

Are you using any sort of slide-under screen protection (transparency sheets, etc).

Is there something stuck at the edges of the screen (ie between the edge of the plastic case and the touchscreen)?

Handspring's tech support has been pretty flakey, as far as I've been able to tell. I'm actually quite surprised that you didn't get the "how to reset your device" e-mail that seems to be sent automatically to anyone who writes in...

K. Tran

Posted by alto2 on 02-09-2003 10:01 PM:

When I reset, it comes up normally--Palm Computing Platform, just as it should. Then it wants me to calibrate the digitizer, which of course I cannot do. The apps buttons won't do anything at this stage, though they were working when I first noticed the problem, before I did the resets, so I presume they would still work now if I could get past the calibration directive.

The screen looks normal. I don't see anything under the edges. I've never used any sort of screen protectors with it, or taken it apart in any way.

Let me know if there's anything else I can tell you that would help.



Posted by ktran on 02-09-2003 10:32 PM:


You're right. I tried a hard reset on my spare Palm III, and the hard buttons don't work at the screen calibration part... All I get are beeps. (do you get beeps?)

The next thing I would try would be to see if the connection between the digitiser and the lcd module is ok, but you mentioned that you're not comfortable doing this. But then again, if it's no longer under warranty... There are four screws holding the visor together. the two at the bottom, and two in the springboard area. Be very careful and do it slowly.

Well... the replacement won't be free, and even if it were, the shipping cost would be $25.

Those refurbished units look pretty attractive at $100. But of course, please wait to see what others have to say.

good luck,

K. Tran

Posted by alto2 on 02-09-2003 11:04 PM:

I do get beeps when I try the apps buttons, but they don't do anything.

If I take this critter apart, what do I look for once I have it open?


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