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Posted by Dina Bergman on 08-02-2005 09:59 AM:

Arrow Hot Games Pack 5.2: Discount 30% off!

Hot Games Pack 5.2 by Intorine.

Hot Games Pack 5.2: Discount 30% off! Only 27.95$!

The Hot Games Pack games are easy to learn, and difficult to master. These fun-filled games provide a refreshing break from your work, making you more productive when you return to your computer tasks.

Hot Games Pack is not just a simple pack with quick-made games. This is a bundle of high-quality games available separately but combined together to provide the games of all kinds for you.

These games are for you and for your children as well as some of them can be played by two humans simultaneously.


*16 games in a single pack, when we add a new game, registered users get it for free
*Each game has at least 160x160 grayscale and color versions
*Some games have special 320x320 and 240x320 high-resolution versions for Tungsten T(tm), Sony Clie(tm) and HandEra(tm) 330 handhelds
*The games run on almost all Palm OS 3.1 (or above) powered devices. Even if you change your device to another one the games still run!
*Discounted price. Save more than 50% purchasing Hot Games Pack
*Each game can be installed separately, to prevent memory space waste.
*Games contain a wide range of features and options that make gameplay more attractive
*Updates and improvements for existing games are released each month, making the games corresponding to your demands

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