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Posted by judysl on 12-10-2002 02:55 AM:

battery for Visor Edge

I got my Visor Edge when they first came out - can't remember how long ago that was. My battery seems to be fading faster than it used to - I recharge it more often. I checked with Handspring, and they said my options are to pay $119 and send it to them to put a new battery in, buy a reconditioned Edge for about $129, or upgrade to a new model. If those are my options I'll deal with it. But first I want to know what signs to look for that the battery is almost gone - I will just continue to recharge it more often until it's close to dead! And also, is there anyone else who could put a new battery in, that might be cheaper than $119?

Thanks for any help you can give me!


Posted by EJSHUMAK on 12-10-2002 04:24 AM:

Arrow has batteries-- (pull-outs I think)
39 bux + 5 bux ship;PRID=1277313

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