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Posted by PFSCHAMPION on 12-08-2003 06:40 PM:

Post Archos AV 320/340

I have been salivating over this device for at least a month. It looks awesome. I am trying to debate of spending the loot on this or a treo 600. I have a perfectly working treo 300.

Just want to know if anyone has had experiences with this company or the device. It looks totally awesome, but looks can be deceiving.

the AV340 has a 40 gig hard drive

Posted by telegadget on 01-09-2004 03:47 AM:

Thumbs up

I purchased the Archos AV320 a few weeks ago....

This product is awesome!!!!!

I have used Archos products in the past and was using the Jukebox 20 MP3 player/external harddrive for 2 years...

I was also looking for a replacement for my recently broken portable DVD player for use during business travel (I fly every week..)

I was a little skeptical about the video functions of this unit but thought I would give it a try....

I performs beautifly!!!!

You can either rip DVD's to MPEG4 or, more easily, just hook up any video source,DVD player, VHS player, etc... and record directly to the harddrive realtime!!

I have already recorded most of my DVD video collection and stored it on DVD-R discs until I want to take them with me. Then I just transfer the movies to the AV320 for viewing....

The video playback is flawless and it also looks great hooked up to a TV!

Besides being a great video player/recorder, the unit is also a great MP3 player with custom playlist functionality, optional camera module and a hell of a battery!! (I can watch 2 1/2 full movies on one charge!)

No data is lost when the battery runs out because everything is stored on the harddrive..

Hope this helps in your decision making....

P.S. I could do without either so I bought the AV320 AND the Treo 600.....!!

Posted by treo1 on 01-09-2004 10:02 AM:

Never thought I would see a post about Archos here, but I have one and its AWESOME!
Here is a link to a site with a lot of info

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Posted by TR30 on 01-23-2004 12:55 AM:

My first non-Treo related post!! :)

Wow... I didn't realize TC has some non-Treo related categories in their forum.

I've been wanting to get the Archos AV320/340 for quite sometime now, but the "TAZ I" by Tights Audio Systems is making me hold off.

Posted by Tourdewolf on 01-23-2004 03:34 AM:

Check out the 380

Can't wait to get my hands on this baby!

Posted by PFSCHAMPION on 01-25-2004 02:00 AM:

Talking Problem Solved

Thanks for the info.

My Treo 300 had another hinge problem(3 in the last year) so the Sprint Manager gave me a T600 as an exchange. Then called CS and extended contract for 2years and got 100 credit and 7pm nights. combining this with my 2000AT min. and unlimited vision

I Aint going nowhere anytime soon.

Since i got the Treo 600 for FREE HEEELLLLLOOOOOO Archos 320.

I am debating between the 320 and the 340 cause i read somewhere that i can download my movie files to my laptop or desktop anyway so i really dont need too big a hard drive on the prtatble unit.

Just curious if you find the 320 has enough room or do you think you will wishing you got the 340 anytime soon.

Posted by treo1 on 01-25-2004 03:53 AM:

20 Gigs, fill up fast when you see what this thing can do, but my plan is to save my files on my laptop or PC then I can watch them from there, or move them back and forth to the Archos as needed, that said for about 180 you can buy a hardrive and without to much effort upgrade yourself.
Check out this site for lots of info

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One Stop, plain and simple
Now TreoCentrals Mobile Forums link on our Home page!
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Posted by telegadget on 01-26-2004 12:25 PM:

I use the 20 gig version and have more than enough room to hold 4 to 5 movies and tons of music to cover me for a week's traveling...

I ususally capture the DVD movie to the AV320, then copy it directly to a DVD-RW disk. Then, if ever want to watch it again, I just copy the movie back to the AV320 but I still have a permanent copy on the DVD-RW!

P.S. If you are going to playback the movies on the AV320 only, the 1500 quality setting is fine but for playing back to TV, 2000 is much better and the quality is looks as good as SVHS.

You also have to set the overclock setting to red on the 2000 mode and yellow on the 1500 or less mode.

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