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Posted by gvbfan on 01-13-2003 07:57 PM:

Unhappy Visor Cases

I am looking for a case for my Visor Prism. I want a case with a belt clip feature so that I stop misplacing my Visor (I am currently without it because I left it at church last night). I have been looking everywhere online and cannot find one that I like. Please let me know of some places to look. Thanks!

Chris Robertson

Bilingual Project Manager
RBC Ministries

Posted by JohnKes on 01-13-2003 11:59 PM:

There are plenty out there. I have a Vaja leather case for my Prism, sold by

I had a Rhodiana nylon case for my Deluxe. It was well padded, and saved my Deluxe from many falls.

Both have belt clip options.

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