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Posted by vi100 on 01-05-2003 11:04 PM:

Question Overclocking for PDA?!

Hello, friends,

As I said in the message before, I'm a new user for PDA (Visor Deluxe).

Many comments for members of this group and others, tell me that this PDA is a good one, but it is slow (16Mhz).

I'm not sure if I need more speed for the normal use a did in this device, but I hear that there are software that can speed up the apparently poor 16Mhz.

Can any one explain me how it works and if it's a good idea to install this software on the Visor? (pros and cons)

What's the best program?

Thanks again to all!

Posted by cml on 01-05-2003 11:49 PM:

The only over clocking program for Visors That I know of is called Afterburner. I do not personally use it, but I have heard that it eats your batteries, can cause conflicts with programs and mess up your Visor.

What are you doing with your visor? generally only heavy duty applications need a lot of processor speed. I have a Neo with 33mhz processor And it is fine for basic applications .

does anyone have any positive comments on over clocking their visor? I am usually one against hacks.

- cml

Posted by JohnKes on 01-08-2003 12:10 AM:

Afterburner and Tornado are overclockers. They apparently make the clock faster. Usually things work up to a certain speed. IR and HotSync are the first to stop working, but you can choose specific speeds for specific apps with Tornado.

Quickbits improves a lot of activities without overclocking. See this review:

You can try each of the above sequentially, and get a speed boost for 3 months free.

When I had a Deluxe, I didn't think the cost of any of the above was worth it. I didn't mind waiting a few extra seconds.

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