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bSQUARE now available in UK and soon in US
By: Fixup @ 12:55 AM

Built-in GSM/GPRS, 640x480 screen and retrackable keyboard, seems a very good PDA first, phone second device. Would love to hear from people who played it and where to get one.


I got one
By: jmcnaught @ 02:05 AM

As part of my profession, I have had a Maui (the code name for the Power Handheld) for about three months. It's a terrific commercial device - especially with the 802.11 SD (which works well today).

But that said - I carry a Treo 600 for my "consumer" use. It's smaller, feels a bit more durable, and is more convenient. The Maui is intended to be a data device first, and it's evident in the execution.

Maui uses a version of CE-NET modified to look and work like XP - which is nice, and better to use than the Windows Mobile I've tested most recently.

The screen is absolutely wonderful, and for web browsing I have found nothing better. The GPRS is about 12Kb/s (with my Treo 270's Cingular SIM), typicall, and feels slow compared to my Treo600. The battery life is about 4 hours, and 2 hours with the Wi-Fi on. There will be solution for increasing batt time though.

It has some shortcomings with regard to the integration of the keyboard and the system -- Treo beats it in that area - so far. Features like one handed dialing do not exist -- you need to pull the stylus for best experience. Even though - I honestly like it.

Oh... and it does have an excellent stereo earset which works perfectly as stereo headphones for MP3's and switches (manually) to be an excellent hands free phone headset (with a working mic).

As for gettting one, it has not been released in the US, and a European unit won't work correctly in the US (due to its dual band (not tri-) GSM). I don't know when it will be available in the US at, say retail.


By: Fixup @ 03:56 AM

Thank you very much!
Do you know it is CE.Net 4.1 or 4.2? And does it have built-in firewall? My campus won't let me in its WiFi network if it sees port 135 open.
Does it have a built-in speaker at all?
I cannot figure these out from bsquare's website.

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