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How a Visor Pro should be

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Topic: How a Visor Pro should be    

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Post How a Visor Pro should be

Okay, I've seen the Pro, but I've been a bit dissappointed about the build. Performance, battery and memory advantages aside (which are really good for its price), seems that they used paint to cover the plastic of the case itself, causing the case to get scratched easily compared to the Deluxe (where getting it scratched is much, much harder because of the way the plastic is made - frosted, no paint), and the plastic screen cover will scratch the paint off the top easily whenever you remove/attach it because, well, you need to scrape the top in order to attach it. Can't they mold the case out of plastic made of the same color? I've seen cheap children toys that have metallic silver colored plastic molds made this way. This way, there is no paint to scratch off, only plastic to scratch off, and it'll look no much difference.

Even the buttons are exactly the same as the Deluxe's. In my Deluxe, the icons on the plastic buttons wear out after some use, why can't they make chrome button replacements for the Pro with engraved icons like the Edge? Anybody out There want to venture into the business of chrome button replacements for the Visor Deluxe/Pro models? =)) hint hint

While I'm at it, might as well ask for an Edge Pro (Same or perhaps smaller sized and lighter than the Edge, 66MHz, Flash ROM, 16MB, 3 inch 16-bit color screen, aluminium case, rechargable batteries, SpringBoard... but seeing the new Treo 90, I think even Sony has something that meets my requirements more...)

If you take a look at the SpringBoard, think about it, it consists of 2 rows of connector pins spaced 3 mm apart, but the space around it is about 5mm each. I personally think that the SpringBoard connectors and the modules could be made much much more compact, a springboard module could probably be only 5-6mm wide as compared to nearly 1cm as with today's springboards. Could be the ancient technology limitations of 2 years ago. Oh well, I can only dream of these things..

That doesn't stop me from upgrading to the Pro though, but I'd like to see the above come true now, especially the part about the chrome engraved third party buttons. Or an aluminum case to go with that for that matter.

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I think all you ask for can be found in one simple device, Sony Cleo. If Handspring is going to do away with it's Prism line then the Pro line is also going to be absolete soon.

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