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Treo 90 Review

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Topic: Treo 90 Review    
VisorCentral Writer

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Treo 90 Review

Handspring has discontinued the Prism, recommending users to buy the Treo 90 instead. Is it worth it? Michael has the full review.

VisorCentral is offline Old Post 07-01-2002 05:45 AM
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Dont be crazy

You would be crazy to replace your Prism for the Treo 90. I highly believe the Treo 90 and Prism shouldnt be compared to another and that something as simple as the Treo 90 should not replace something as powerful and complex with the Prism. Dont be crazy and replace your Prism.

Just my opinion :-)


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YoYoman412 is offline Old Post 07-01-2002 06:22 AM
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What about the features Handspring implemented to make the up/down buttons more jogdial like?


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terrysalmi is offline Old Post 07-01-2002 06:41 PM
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This is not a replacement

By some definition "the majority" of springboard modules may be memory, but the springboard slot had a greater variety of *devices* available for it than anything else in the handheld realm... even including compact flash.

The idea that this device, with no springboard slot or graffiti area, is in any sense a "replacement" for the Prism is just plain nuts. There is no replacement for the Prism, and Handspring has to be considered to have abandoned the handheld market.

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argent is offline Old Post 07-01-2002 08:00 PM
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Handspring included with the Treo 90 a large assortment of software. Registered versions of VisorCentral award winning Wordsmith 2.1, Blazer 2.1, One-Touch mail, Palm SMS and more are on the installation CD.

They should also have included Astraware's TextTwist! game, which is awesome now that they support keyboard/thumbboard (and graffiti if you want) input.

Rob is offline Old Post 07-02-2002 02:34 AM
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I wonder if the writer of the article *meant* to include that it had a battery with an expected 10 day lifetime. Sounds like Handspring has kept the same QA engineers amidst all the other changes.

Otherwise, I can't say I'm really impressed. I just upgraded to a Prism and a major factor was keeping my existing accessories. Also, I like the *extremely* bright light for reading in low-light situations, which I often find myself in. The people who have maxed the light on a Prism and used it as a flashlight weren't kidding.


Tucson Sailors

tucson_sailors is offline Old Post 07-04-2002 01:03 AM
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TreoCentral Staff

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Tuscan, I don't understand what you mean by meaning to include 10 day battery life....


miradu is offline Old Post 07-04-2002 04:57 AM
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