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Edge will last how long?

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Topic: Edge will last how long?    

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Edge will last how long?

... Not between charges.

I'm curious what the usable life expectancy is. Anybody know?

And a corollary question: does it depend on the battery?

And if so: can one replace the battery?

Y'see, after about two years my Edge is, well, losing its edge. Acting a little wonky. Freezing up or not opening up at all.

Curious what y'all think.



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Re: Edge will last how long?

Originally posted by RangerBob
... Not between charges.

And if so: can one replace the battery?

If you're suspecting battery problems, replacement batteries can be had from

you could try doing a hard reset and reinstalling just the apps you use frequently. Could be a messed up app or DB that's causing your problems. messed up prefs for a 3rd party launcher perhaps? A hack that's not behaving nicely with another app?

could be any number of things.

I should think that aside from the battery going bad, the edge (along with just about every other PDA) should last as long as you want it to, barring any physical damage to it's components. it's not like there are any moving parts to wear out or anything like that.

My platinum is going on 2.5 years now and still going strong, aside from a hotsync connector that's popped loose from the button board. Should be a simple fix though once i get around to it.

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