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BlackBerry Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle) 1.0
By: Voskan @ 10:51 AM

BlackBerry Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle) 1.0 by Cellica Software Services

BlackBerry Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle) 1.0: Discount 30% off! Only 13.95$!

View Microsoft Access, Excel, Oracle, Foxpro, dBase, or any ODBC enabled database on BlackBerry. View one record at a time or all at once. Customize the way you view date and time fields.
To keep your desktop and BlackBerry database synchronized, you can transfer desktop data to BlackBerry handheld using USB cable. It does not required any syncing tool. Just plug the USB cable play with databases.

Click on Browse button to select database. Select MS Access/Excel/dbf database of your choice. You can Select DSN from Popup list. If its in valid format, DBViewer displays tables in it as shown.

When you open the BlackBerry side Database Viewer, either it will ready for importing database from desktop, or you will get the list of databases, if any, which have already been transferred by the desktop side application using USB cable.
Select the Open menu option to open & view the selected database contents.
Select Design View menu option to know more about selected database like name of database, total number of fields and records in it. You can use Delete menu option to delete selected database as well.

You can view all records at once by selecting the Grid View (or just Open, depending on default view setting) menu option.
You can also view a record at a time by selecting the Record View (or just Open, depending on default view setting) menu option.
For your convenience, you can change the default settings like date, time formats, view mode, etc. by selecting the Perferences menu option from the home screen of this application.


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