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Fizz Traveller 2.12
By: Voskan @ 12:32 PM

Fizz Traveller 2.12 for Smartphone 2.12 by Fizz Software Ltd.

Fizz Traveller 2.12 for Smartphone 2.12: Discount 30% off! Only 13.95$!

Worldwide Everything !!
Time, Weather, Alarms Currency 6 Supported Languages!

With Fizz Traveller you will always know the time in any of over 230 cities, with another 58,000 available with an internet connection eg. GSM/GPRS. For any

of these cities you can get a detailed weather forecast, so you will always know what to pack.

To make sure you get to where you need to be, you can set alarms for any of your six favourite cities and organize your tasks and itinerary so you are always

organized. Once you reach your destination, the handy currency conversion tool means you will always know how much you are spending and of course, everything

is customizable, so you can have a choice of impressive clock faces and even choose the color of your clocks hands. All this and much, much more....

Packed with features including:
*Localized in 6 languages - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish & Dutch
*Main home clock screen
*6 City World Time Screen
*Alarms, including set for any time zone, multiple sounds and snooze support
*Interactive Daylight Map
*Weather forecasts - with auto-updating features - in 6 languages
*Currency conversion - Update daily using our internet update option
*General conversion module - convert weights, area, speed, length etc
*Itinerary for travel planning
*International dial codes
*230 cities built in - Over 58,000 can be added from our internet database

Add thousands of cities from our internet database - no limit
*Customize clocks and colours and much much more
*Simple city name lookup feature when adding new cities - Or use your US ZIP code if in the USA.



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