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Visorphone / Visor Delux compatibility

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Topic: Visorphone / Visor Delux compatibility    

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Visorphone / Visor Delux compatibility

This past week I purchased a visorphone on e-bay, which did not come with a charger. I own a Visor Delux, which operates on AAA batteries. What cradle or charger can I use to charge the module?

In shopping around I found many offers for selling cradles that charge other models (Pro, Prism, etc.), as well as chargers that attach to the sync interface on the PDA. Being uncertain of compatibility with my V-Delux, I spent a whale of alot of time on 800 lines, trying to talk to reps of Handspring/PalmOne. The techie I finally got ahold of said even if my Delux was able to fit into the cradle of another model, I shouldn't charge the phone with it, as it would probably damage my PDA. He said there was a cradle made for the Visorphone alone (while out of the PDA), but is no longer manufactured, and I could find no sign of it anywhere on the Web.

All this seems very strange, as I am certain the official documentation said the 'phone is compatible with the Delux model. Someone please set me straight - how do I get my phone juiced up?

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One message in the appropriate forum is all you need. I deleted all your other posts.

Check out the VisorPhone review... a standard travel charger is what it came with, and that should be safe to use on the Deluxe.

The HotSync port on the Deluxe has no provisions for charging the handheld itself, but it will provide the necessary power to the Springboard slot for modules like the VisorPhone.


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Yes, as stated earlier the VisorPhone comes packaged with an AC travel charger that you plug into the wall at one end and into the base of your Visor Deluxe at the other. It isn't a cradle. I have both a Deluxe and a Pro and use the travel charger to refill the VisorPhone on both.

You should be able to find a travel charger pretty easily on eBay by searching on "Visor travel charger". You can also get one that plugs into your vehicle's power socket or cigarrette lighter.

The techie you talked to on the phone was probably a Palm expert with little knowledge of Visors since they are no longer produced.

Good luck. It's good to see another VisorPhone user in the world. Believe it or not, I still use my Visor Pro and VisorPhone regularly and love the combination (the Treo screen is a little too small for these 50s something eyes!).

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