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top ten list gadgets : not a microsoft smartphone in sight. what say you purple?
By: treosensei @ 11:52 PM

this is such a satisfying proof of fact!

after all that bullcrap hot air the purple folks spewed forth, insulting everyone on the board, shooting down hopes, or just being plain rude, none of it has produced any fruit for them or their causes,, whatever they may be.

they couldnt have been more wrong. more stubbornly and obnoxiously steadfast int their ppc stances.

i have no problem whatsoever with pocket pc fans. but these purple folks needed a good old fashioned schooling. and here it was.....

walt mossberg's review pretty much said it all... " microsoft`s smartphones dont come even close to being in the same ballpark as the treo. " and with that... i should think the purples should bow their heads quietly and fold their hands on their desks .... the contest is over. poetic justice

(ps. sorry, i know i was harsh here, but this was like watching your favorite team beat the pants off of a hated rival... joyful to watch!!!)

By: tolechka @ 12:13 AM

OK, I'm purple.
First off there is a diff. between MS Smartphone and PPC. U dont seem to know it. Have U ever heard about I-Mate a.k.a. XDA-2?
Apparently not. T 600 sucks big time. Hardware is the biggest problem. Revision A,B,C, How many more? Cheap materials, ****ty camera.. corner cutting all around. It's no accident T-MO doesn't want it. T600 is overpriced junk

By: treosensei @ 12:23 AM


By: tolechka @ 01:04 AM

What? Speak up, pal

hey, haddya say there sugarface! whats up there?
By: treosensei @ 01:39 AM

yes there is a distinct difference between a pocket pc and a microsoft smartie.. or whatever you`d call that thing.

er.. um... yes i believe i knew that... yes i do believe i did. usually if youve already chosen to buy a phone like the treo 600, as i have, you`re usually up to speed on these types of things you know, pal?

the xda 2.. yeah,, nice specs on it,, would like to see these in the next treo actually, to be honest. but if i were shopping for a phone that does it all AND can be slipped with subtlety into your pocket, id go with the treo 600. its phone- like and compact.

the xda, while having nice features, still seems to be trapped back in the "brick generation" of pdas and things. its form factor has some work to do yet.

as far as junk,, the mickie mouse " soft "smartphone is a good candidate for expensive junk. thats why its not even placed in the same league as the treo this year, you see. read the wsj article. ... PAL.

lastly, why hasnt cnet rated the xda II as the best overall hybrid to buy this year? i seem to keep seeing the treo 600 at the top of the list with an 8.6 out of 10 rating each time i visit the site. .. and THESE folks my friend.. have seen all the devices.

apparently you havent noticed this yet. no.

so as i said earlier... lol

hey purple....
By: treobk214 @ 05:51 PM

Microsoft Smartphones can't cut it - Treo 600 is all that

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Friday December 12, 2003 10:41 AM EST
Source: Wall Street Journal

Microsoft has recently exploited two Smartphone devices, the Motorola MPx200 and Samsung i600. They run on the "Windows Mobile software for Smartphones." a spin off of Microsoft Pocket PC with a ridiculously long name. The problem is the software is unbearably slow, a known incoming callers information would not be displayed on screen before the calls went to voice mail.

By Walter S. Mossberg, Wall Street Journal -- "As cellphones add more features, one fact becomes increasingly clear: The cellphone makers stink at writing software. This wasn't much of an issue when all people did on cellphones was to make voice calls. But with the addition of e-mail, Web browsing, photography and other functions to phones, user interfaces have become impenetrable.

Two companies, however, know something about how to write software for hand-held devices. They are PalmSource, which makes the Palm operating system, and Microsoft, which makes the Pocket PC operating system. Both are way ahead of cellphone makers in this area.

PalmSource and its partners have already shown they can do great cellphones. The brilliant Treo 600, from palmOne, uses the Palm operating system and is the gold standard in smart phones. Samsung's less ambitious, but smaller, i500 is another very good Palm-based smart phone."

Read more from the source

yet another recommendation... i dont know purp, i think you are sunk
By: treosensei @ 07:08 AM

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Handspring Treo 600

Why it's on our list:
It's a good bet that someone on your list has visions of the Treo 600 dancing through their head; this smart phone is one of the best we've seen yet.

Perfect for:
Business road warriors; early adopters; communicators wanting a hybrid phone/PDA that does everything well

By: Kupe @ 08:56 PM

Silly humans. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.


By: murrayalex @ 09:27 PM

jesus, a microsoft smartphone. Firstly, there's nowt smart about microsoft and secondly you'd spend most of your time having to download anti virus stuff etc etc. I wonder if it would be as bug free as their os......

MS Smartphone!?
By: Digisane @ 03:14 AM

There's a MS Smartphone?!? MICROSOFT?!?!

I'm just a dreamer..

straight from info sync world..
By: treosensei @ 04:41 AM

im being a little obnoxious here with all these reviews im posting, i know. most of us acknowledge situations like this one and move on, without wasting energy on tit for tat stuff like this, but i have to tell ya. when it comes to a sarcastic fellow, i feel i just have to drive a hard fact home.

once again, purp, your xda II compared to the treo 600. its falls into a distinct second place in relation to the handspring treo.
so which one was expensive, overpriced junk again?
by the way, the review also mentioned the xda`s web manager was appallingly slow. with this, i rest my case.


Handspring Treo 600 7.2/10

O2 XDA II 6.6/10

Sony Ericsson P900 6.6/10

Motorola A920 5.8/10

Hitachi G1000 5.6/10

Palm Tungsten W 5.4/10

Handspring Treo 300 5/10

Sony Ericsson P800 5/10

Handspring Treo 270 5/10

Nokia 9210 5/10

Samsung SPH-i330 4.8/10

junk again?

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