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Conidering Buying a Refurbed Edge

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Topic: Conidering Buying a Refurbed Edge    

Registered: Nov 2002
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Question Conidering Buying a Refurbed Edge

Hey Everyone...

As a Visor Dlx user, I've learned a lot from these message boards. I'm considering switching my handheld. I've loved the visor edge since they first came out, which was when I was buying my deluxe. Anyway, now I'm looking to connect my deluxe to my cell phone, which I can't do without Palm OS 3.5 or better (the deluxe has 3.1). Anyway, a refurbed edge is now in my price range from, but I'm worried about the product I'll be getting, especially since I won't be able to return it!

Any advice? Has anyone here bought a refurb from Handspring or know people who have?



saxer is offline Old Post 11-11-2002 10:10 PM
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Arrow Get it

A fantastic unit that our office has had great results with--

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Well, anytime you buy refurb unit, you run the risk of getting a bad one. The Edge is a great unit, and if you get a really good working one, then you're all set. Though the Edge did have some QC issues; I loved my Edge but mine just had problems I couldn't stand. I say...go for it!

good artists copy, great artists steal. . .

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Registered: Nov 2002
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visor edge at Best Buy

Just FYI -
I just bought a visor edge yesterday from Best Buy for $49.99. It was a display item, but they were in a real hurry to move it out to make room for new stuff. They threw in an extra charger and aluminum case for $4.99 each.

I charged it up last night and everything seems to work fine, there were a few scratches on the back of the case, but not the screen.

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