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Sorry Prism Moving On.
By: visorprismman @ 05:54 AM


Well folks it's that time again. Going to get a new pda. Had my sights on the zire 71 but I don't really use my eyemodule2 much anymore. The novelty of a camera on my palm has weared out. I now have my eyes on the T2 or the T3. What appeals to me is the built in blue tooth. I just like the idea of being able to do things via bluetooth and I hear it plays well with mac.

So here is the question. T2, T3 or zire 71??


By: mikedemo @ 07:25 PM

The Tungsten 3 looks like the real deal. Nice feature set still in that sleek Tungsten body. The big problem is wait until Palm fixes the memory card issue. Apparently the T3 is frying SD memory card. It has been confirmed as well.


I miss my Prism, you will too but what you can do is ensure it gets a good home. Good luck on your quest for a new PDA.

It's all about how you spend the money.

By: EricG @ 05:49 AM

I eventually got a Zire 71.. not for the camera though that's a nice option.. I just found that price and feature wise it was what I considered to be a logical step up from the Prism.. The only thing I have to say bout the 71 is I wish it had a charging led.. but I can live without that.. other than that, for me its perfect.. I love it. no regrets in buying it..

Fyi, I read somewhere the T3 is having problems reading some SD cards.. you may want to check on that..

Im also not sure if the T3 has the new sounds that come with the Zire 71,.. I thought I read somewhere that as far as the OS goes, the Zire 71 is sleeker.. I don't have a T3 to compare it to.. I'd recommend if possible trying both and see which you like better..

NB: MikeDemo -- didn't notice your comment about the memory cards until after I posted my response..

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By: Tom LaPrise @ 12:22 AM

I just got a Tungsten E a couple of days ago, and the only thing about this beast I'm NOT impressed as heck with is battery life. Palm claims a week between charges under "normal use," but I'd be happy with a day between charges! Maybe I'm just not normal. Anyway, this is my first color PDA and wow, what a difference it makes with pictures--especially with the hi-res screen! I guess I'll get an extra charger to take to work, and maybe a charger for use in the car... or I'll make up a battery pack I can wear on a belt clip. Or maybe battery life will get better after a few charges.

My Visor Deluxe is now officially in hibernation, but I did keep the user profile in Palm Desktop and copied a bunch of apps and stuff to the Flash module, in case future generations discover the device.

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Moved to the zire 71
By: visorprismman @ 03:33 PM


I can be found on turcic.com or palminfocenter.com as zire71man goodbye visorcentral

Re: Moved to the zire 71
By: ToolkiT @ 06:08 AM

Originally posted by visorprismman

I can be found on turcic.com or palminfocenter.com as zire71man goodbye visorcentral

Off course you are still welcome to stay here

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