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SMS to e-addresses w/T-Mobile

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Topic: SMS to e-addresses w/T-Mobile    

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SMS to e-addresses w/T-Mobile

Greetings! It's the Kid here again, and thanks to everyone who has helped so far. I did indeed buy a Visorphone for my Visor Delux, and have purchased a fine charger for it, following the leads of this discussion group! I am up and running, thanks so much.

My latest quirk is this: I signed on with T-Mobile with their cheep-o plan ($19.95), plus 300 text-messages for $3 more. But so far I can send SMS only to other cell-phones, not to conventional e-mail addresses. I tried T-Mobile's help line, but they only support Treo hardware. And based on the non-help ('anti'-help?) I received from PalmOne re: Visorphone last time I called (and this after cycling through their operators and recordings, several times), I am hopeful for more direct help from y'all before I go that route.

I am using SMS Application 1.0, which came with the phone. In the "Preferences" pop-up, it has a blank labeled "SMS Message Center Number", and was automatically filled in when I activated. The other blank, labeled "SMS E-mail Center Number", was not filled in. When I tap the information "i", part of the info reads, "To send an E-Mail using SMS messageing select the SMS E-mail Center Number in the 'To:' list and type the E-mail address in the 'Text:' field, followed by a space and the body of the E-Mail." I was able to accomplish this only by entering a number in the "SMS E-Mail Center Number", so I copied the "SMS Message Center Number" into it. This would seem to work, but sent back a failure message.

So, is there a way I can have T-Mobile work with this software/hardware? Will an upgraded version of my software solve this? Perhaps another app altogether? Or will I have to pay for another add-on service for better e-mail use?

Thanks in advance for any comments/help.

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