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palmone picked to move this year
By: treobk214 @ 10:30 PM

palmone was recently chosen as one of several stocks to potentially make a significant move in 2004.

i wasnt able to attach a link, but the news reporter stated that after the handspring/palm merger, treo smartphone sales will now possibly make up 25 - 30 % of palmone`s revenues in 2004, after 2 years of negative earnings.

4 - 5 carriers support the treo 600, and customers will be able to switch to a smartphone if they choose to, keeping their current numbers, so with increasing interest, palmone sales of the treo will increase.

rimm is trading at 5 times the company`s earnings. palmone is trading at a low level in relation to the earnings, as was stated in the article. this may be a good time to buy in, because with palmone possibly bringing blackberry service to the treo, the playing field could get very interesting as far as palmone`s stock price.

at the same time, handhelds reportedly have only penetrated into 7% of the market. estimates for this year i believe were around 8%. so take all this with a grain of salt. still, i think i may buy more of palmone at this level. i think the treo 600 and future upgraded models will be hot items.

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