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Something's eating my batteries!

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Topic: Something's eating my batteries!    

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Something's eating my batteries!

Hi All,
long time since I've been here, but maybe someone can help.

My trusty Visor Deluxe has started chewing through a pair of AAA's in a couple of days or so. I think there must be some rogue app that's running in the background or something.

In the delete screen, the only two things I don't recognise are "NSBRuntime" and "TminusLib". Could these be the culprits? I recently installed Big Clock as a replacement for Alarming which used to work fine before, but won't install now and gives some kind of error message in the hotsynch log.

Any ideas?

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Tom LaPrise

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NSBRuntime is the runtime library for NS Basic, which some Palm apps use. I don't know what TminusLib is, but it sounds like it could be for an alarm program. (It isn't a BigClock file.)

What's probably happened is the capacitor that ensures you have a bit of juice left for a battery change has failed. If I remember right, it fails shorted, so the batteries will drain very quickly when the capacitor goes.

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