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Ball Shooter 1.0

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Topic: Ball Shooter 1.0    

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Ball Shooter 1.0

Ball Shooter 1.0

Your goal is to clear all the balls from the board, scoring as many points as possible. You shoot at them with other balls, and when three or more of the same color come together, they all explode. Tap with the pen where you want the next ball to go. Note that this will only determine the direction of the ball. If the ball bumps into another ball on its way, it will stop at this point. The more balls blow up at one shot, the increasingly more points you gain (eight ones at one shot is better than two four-ball shots). Moreover, balls that fell apart from the rest will explode too. So try to make shots that cause such avalanches, as they will give you much more points than ordinary bursts. Any time you miss to explode a bunch of balls, the number of tries (the balls in bottom left of your screen) decreases with one. On the contrary, when you explode 5 or more balls at once you get an extra try. For 10-ball shots (and better) there are extra bonuses. The number of tries varies throughout the game. If you eliminate a certain color, the balls of this color will stop appearing. However even more rows will appear each time you get your number of ball tries reset. Eventually, there will be only a single color remaining. That's when you make your final shot and as long as your score is high enough you enter your name in the book of fame - the high scores window. And one last thing - you can change the difficulty of the game at any point, so you no longer need to start a new game when you want to adjust the game play by your personal taste.

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