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Platinum vs. Edge or Prism

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Topic: Platinum vs. Edge or Prism    

Registered: Dec 2001
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Platinum vs. Edge or Prism

I use my current Visor mainly for organizational purposes (date and phone books, to do). I am getting itchy to upgrade. What would be pros and cons of the above models for someone like me.

samplars is offline Old Post 12-31-2001 08:36 PM
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Registered: Nov 2001
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basic points for me


pros: coolness rating due to the color screen
: rechargeable batteries (saves you some bucks and easier on the environment)

cons: color applications take up bigger memory
: rechargeable batteries (nasty when you suddenly run low and you either do not have a charger or far from any electricity)


pros: coolness due to looks
: rechargeable batteries (same comment)

cons: cool looks take a dive when you put on springboard modules (as a friend of mine described it "double quasimodo")
: rechargeable batteries (same comment)

seboditz is offline Old Post 01-03-2002 03:31 AM
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I just upgraded from a Deluxe to a Prism, and I love it.

The battery issue is not that big a deal if a.) you use the charging hot-sync cradle often, and b.) get a portable charger of some type (I am using VisorSolutions' 'BattPlug') that covers the times you will not be able to use the cradle.

You need to think about the portable charger solution for a moment before you buy one. Where are you going to be that the batteries might die out? If the answer is anywhere near another computer, get the hot-sync/charging cords or another charging cradle. If not by a computer but by a power outlet or in a car, get a solution that uses those power sources. If the answer is nowhere near reliable power, get a battery-powered charger.

Prism's color application do suck up memory, so be sure to get a MemPlug or FlashPlus or similar unit so you can store as much on the card as possible- especially the fun color games!

I am amazed at the differnece color makes for me! I would never consider trading the coolness of color for something as superfical as a slim-line case or just a speed boost.

The Prism features a fast processor and the 3.5.? Palm OS, so you get a lot of the benefits of the Platinum, AND COLOR!

There ARE two things I do not like about the Prism-

1.) The case incompatibility. The slightly thicker body does not fit any cases designed for the Deluxe body or snap-on lid. Really annoying to have to discard all of my cases, and comparatively few cases fit the Prism properly.

2.) The screen visibility in bright light. Sunlight is the worst, but other bright lights can 'wash out' the screen to the point that it is impossible to see. I wonder if a 'sunglasses' snap-on screen or some form of glare shield might help? (Not that I know of any that are made!)

I would vote for the Prism!

Madkins007 is offline Old Post 01-03-2002 04:08 PM
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