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Mobile Tool - GoDB
By: bala @ 10:18 AM

GoDB: a Mobile Tool that supports Symbian OS, Palm OS, Pocket PC, Linux and Windows

Quick Jump No JAVA , No VB, No .NET Write your own multiplatform "HelloWorld"

GoDB by Consigntech is a multiplatform tool with a GUI interface and a new scripting language called GBASIC. The language is similar to the BASIC language with the exception of features like event driven programming, form builder and simulators for Palm, Pocket PC, Nokia, Simputer, Laptops. Since it is very simple, programmers have to spend no time at learning the tool to build complicated applications for PDAs. Once the application is built the tool also takes care of deploying the application to the respective PDA as it gives the user the advantage of one click deployment. The user need not worry about the application not running on his PDA as his applications will run on any device ranging form POCKET PC to PALM and NOKIA to LAPTOPS.

The GoDB resource editor

GoDB is ideal for building complicated business applications, ERP applications , small time applications, personal use etc.

Online offline and hybrid applications can be built using GoDB platform.

Offline applications are those that do not require network connectivity to work. GoDB intelligently caches the required data on the client so the application can continue to run even when connectivity is not available. When the connection is restored the data is synchronized with the server securely.

Online applications can be built that utilize "always-on" connectivity for real-time information exchange.

GoDB allows you to design Special Hybrid applications that store large master of tables on the device when there is no connectivity available the user can use the local tables which can be synchronized periodically when the conection becomes available . Allowing the user to execute realtime online transactions using the local tables.

You can view more screenshots and demo by visiting http://www.consigntech.com/56.htm

GoDB 30-days trial version is available at http://www.download.com/GoDB-Mobile... site.

To see how to create a simple Hello World application on GoDB platform visit:
http://www.consigntech.com/godb_helloworld.htm or http://www.newlc.com/article.php3?id_article=508

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