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A loyal Handspring customer gets screwed.

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Topic: A loyal Handspring customer gets screwed.    

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Unhappy A loyal Handspring customer gets screwed.

Well part of this is my own fault for jumping on Dream Pages to fast and buy the Treo 600. If anyone has suggestions I would appreciate feedback.

I got the Treoo 300 from Sprint way back in the day when they first arrived. The damn flip broke, again, then again. So the third Treo 300 I had I went back to the Sprint store and having been familiar with this issue, they offered me a Samsung I330 as a replacement. And hey, it didn't break, imagine that, althought the interface is clearly inferior.

Well what friggen choice did I have? I was tired of the Treo 300 breaking, and no it's just me, plenty of people in my office have gone through 2 or more Treo 300's because of that damned flip. I obviously needed a phone that I didn't have to hold the two pieces of it with two hands so I felt I had no choice but to get the I330 after my third break.

Why does this all suck? I layed out $499 for the first Treo 300, had nothing but agony, even went so far as to blow $675 at dream pages to give Handspring another try and I don't get any discount, not after all my agony, not after being a loyal customer and buying the latest model.

It's a wonderful world (sarcasm) when I blow $1175 worth of Handsrping out my a$$ and I can't get the same thanks ($200 rebate) that other customers got, those customers who were lucky enough to tolerate replaceing their treo 300's or just got lucky and didn't have to so they could have their sierial numbers handy.

I guess I'm dumb for buying it from Dream Pages too where it costs $75 more than from HandSpring or Sprint.

I love the phone by the way, they couldn't have done a better job with how I can navigate with that nav button and my thumb to everything. But for what I payed, it's not worth it.

Such is life.

For those of you who were smart enough to wait, I aplaud you for having more brains that me.

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Wood Mountain

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Life isn't a bowl of cherries and you'll bounce back. I've gone through a few T300's and keep replacing them. I'd love to get the T600 but all those deals you're hearing are nothing but crap. I close major deals weekly and i've gone through a dozen CSR's at Sprint. I've spoken to a VP of PCS and there is NO deals at this time. Those folks who say their getting T600 for $200 are smoking some good purple buds. I'd like to see the invoice and the credit on the same page from Sprint. If so then I'll know I lost my touch and should find another line of work.

So the T600 sounds sweet. I've heard the keypad is small but is it managable?

I'm sure I'll breakdown and pay just like you did but as the saying goes "Hard come easy go"

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Us Visor owners got screwed royally when they decided to dump the entire "visor" line in favor for the Treo series of handhelds... so I know what getting totally screwed is all about.. At least handspring still makes and acknowledges your line of palm device... I feel like I have been dumped on a road side and abandoned..

All I can say is welcome to the club ... at least your snowjob wasn't as through as the ones us visor folks got, count your blessings..

(fyi, Incase folks are wondering, I am posting this from not Stop by if you want to see what happens when a company leaves you in the dust.. things get really dead..

"One of the most important things you learn from the internet is that there is no ‘them’ out there. It’s just an awful lot of ‘us’." -- Douglas Adams

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