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Trouble shooting dead Platinum

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Topic: Trouble shooting dead Platinum    

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Trouble shooting dead Platinum

I bought a dead Platinum for a few bucks. Rather than proceed on a trial and error basis, I'm looking for suggestions as to the best trouble shooting process. Any likely solutions to consider first?

I put new batteries in the unit, it didn't power up. The battery contacts are clean.

Finally, is the type screwdriver needed to open the case commonly available at a hardware store?


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Check your stylus... some of the standard ones came with a mini phillips screwdriver in the handle. If yours doesn't have one, any small one should do.

For your power up problem, try pressing the reset button on the back of the Platinum to see if that helps. Again, check your stylus because some of the standard ones have a reset pin in the tip; otherwise, you can use a paperclip or something similar. If the normal reset doesn't help, try a hard rest. To do that you hold the Power button while pressing reset.

If the resets doesn't bring it back to life, it's likely a hardware problem of some sort.


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New Life for a dead Platinum

If the tip of your stylus doesn't have one, and you are still looking for a screw driver it is size "0" and you can get it at a hardware store for $5 or $6. open the back of the Platinum the only easy fix to your problem is if the power board connector is firmly seated on the mainboard. They snap in and with years of giggles and bumps they can snap loose - just press it together finger tight and power up with fresh batteries and a reboot and it might work

Good luck


I have a link that has new and refurbished Visor if you ask I can send it to you


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