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HELP!!! (Cracked Screen)

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Topic: HELP!!! (Cracked Screen)    

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HELP!!! (Cracked Screen)

Today while I was sitting watching TV, my nephew decides he is going to jump on me, in the process, he cracked my screen on my Visor Neo.

The display is working, but the glass is cracked with the stylus not working properly. Does anyone know where I can get replacement glass for a Prism Neo at a reasonable price? Also, has anyone had any experience replacing the glass?

I don't want to just go out and buy a new one, considering this is only slightly over a month old. Any help would be appreciated.


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it sounds like it's still under warranty.

It is my understanding that Screen replacement is NOT under warranty, especially with the way it was broken.

Otherwise, Lots of Options:

If you bought the Extended Warranty from Handspring, that includes one screen repair

If you bought the Extended Warranty from Best Buy, think up a good excuse and get a new Neo (or edge, since they are the same price!)

You can buy a cheap screen from - and they will give you instructions (i think) on how to go about the process

If you want to pay $75 (+$25 if you want a supplemental neo while the repair is going on) you can send it in to Handspring and they will do it for you

Hope this Helps!


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It is still under warrent,y but you will have to pay the $75?? screen repair charge.


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How do I arrange for a repair?
If your handheld is suffering from a physical defect, such as a scratched, cracked or broken screen, broken or scratched plastics, or a snapped antenna, contact our CustomerCare Center at 1 (888) 565-9393 6am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time Monday through Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturday. Please have your credit card ready. Physical defects that were not present when you first received your product are not covered by Handspring's standard warranty for handhelds.

and From :

Repair & Return is the standard service option for all repair requests and is provided at no additional cost for products within warranty. We'll send you a box in which you can ship your problem product at your own expense to our designated Repair Center. Upon its receipt at the Repair Center we'll repair it and return it to you within three business days. We may, at our discretion, replace your product instead of repairing it.

Out or warranty, it cost $100.

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