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VisorCentral starts work on

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Topic: VisorCentral starts work on    
TreoCentral Staff

Registered: May 2000
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Cool VisorCentral starts work on

As part of our ongoing process for making better, the creation and integration with has started.

Recently you may have noticed that separated the Visor and the Treo parts of our boards. This is all part of an ongoing process to create a Handspring Treo specific site called

There are really four parts to the merger between VisorCentral and our new site TreoCentral. The first is the site. While it is not done yet, will have a slightly different look (new colors perhaps), yet will maintain the same design. TreoCentral should be live officialy by the end of the week.

The second part of is the integration with While we believe that broad sites are good, focused sites make it easier to quickly find information on a specific topic. Thus, TreoCentral will focus on Treo news and reviews , and VisorCentral will focus on Visor related stories. VisorCentral will do also. But the two sites will share news and reviews that are relevant to both devices - software, news about Handspring etc. This will be done seamlessly, with most users not noticing its there. We're doing this because we want a new Treo user to have a focused site - free of distractions of other news and etc. - we invite new Treo owners to our boards, and hope that great discussion comes from it.

Yet not everybody wants to have to visit two sites to see news on relevant devices, and we understand that. One of the great things about the current design of VisorCentral is the sidebar. In the sidebar on both sites, you will see the latest news and reviews from the appropriate sister site. Eventually these sidebars will be completely customizable, but for now they will stay with similar contents.

The last thing that will change is the boards.

We have separated the two boards to make it easier for beginners who want to know just about the Treo (or Visor), and to enable us to have a broader arrange of forum topics without having a long list of unneeded topics on the screen. You can currently choose to view the Visor board, the Treo board, or both at the same time. Later this week you will be able to make a permanent, stored selection of what board you want to view - until than, we recommend you bookmark the board view you want. Because of this new system, we will be able to have much more in-depth topics of the Treo - which before we didn't have.

Between the two boards there are several shared topics. These are topics that we feel are shared by both devices - like software, or the off-topic and marketplace discussions on VisorCentral. Every post in the shared forums, will be available to read in the other forum, and vice versa. What is different though is that fact that one site has Visor related discussion, and the other has Treo related topics. Below is a list of how all the topics currently are arranged.

Topics shared by both boards (a post in these forums on TreoCentral, will also show up on VisorCentral and vice-versa)

-General Software
-Communications Software

Other Areas of Interest
-All Handhelds
-Off Topic
-Customer Service
-Market Place
-A Place to Test things out

These topics are only available on the VisorCentral board:

General Chat
-Visor General Chat

Visor Models
-Visor Prism
-Visor Neo & Visor Pro
-Visor Edge
-Visor Platinum
-Visor & Deluxe

Visor Related
-How To / Troubleshooting
-Springboard Modules
-Developer's Corner

-Article Comments

These topics are only available on the TreoCentral board:

General Chat
-Treo General Chat

Treo Models
-Treo 180
-Treo 270

Treo Related
-How To / Troubleshooting
-Service Providers

-Article Comments

We hope that you will like these changes, and we hope that in the end they will help create the best Visor AND Treo sites on the net.

What do you think? Make sure to tell us below!

miradu is offline Old Post 01-14-2002 05:52 AM
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Registered: Jan 2001
Posts: 278

My only comment is the How To / Troubleshooting section. Often times someone will ask a question that relates to any Palm OS device and seperating this particular forum will make it harder for people to get answers to more general questions since not all the readers will read both boards. When I first heard of the sites split I was not really happy but am now looking forward to seeing what you guys have up your sleves.


recordond is offline Old Post 01-14-2002 06:13 AM
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Registered: Jan 2000
Location: Twin Cities, MN
Posts: 1683

It seems a bit odd to separate them into two sites. VisorCentral, as it is, doesn't seem to be updated all that often even with Treo news. I'd rather have one site that talks about multiple devices that is updated rather than two separate sites that won't be updated.

While the sharing of boards is great, I can see beginners double-posting to both sites unaware of the fact that they are shared between the sites.

Also, from a business stanpoint, it seems like you guys are putting all of your eggs in one (the 'handspring') basket.

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homer is offline Old Post 01-14-2002 02:57 PM
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Registered: Feb 2000
Posts: 1571

DO one thing

Originally posted by homer

Also, from a business stanpoint, it seems like you guys are putting all of your eggs in one (the 'handspring') basket.

It si better for them to do one thing and do it well. If they try to add other company products then their resources will be stretched thing..and guess whats going to happen? All the sites are going to suffer.

yardie is offline Old Post 01-14-2002 04:11 PM
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Registered: Sep 2001
Location: Louisville, KY
Posts: 14

Perhaps the point is moot now, given today's announcement? We may end up in a transition here, the way Hanspring is transitioning to the Treo-style device and leaving 'traditional' organizers behind.

Kesh is offline Old Post 01-16-2002 04:04 AM
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Registered: Nov 1999
Location: King William, Virginia USA
Posts: 70

Just curious as to what happened to this idea... it sure would be nice to be able to not see all the Treo-specific topics when I view new posts. I'm guessing others feel the same about Visor-specific topics.

Inquiring minds want to know.

YBYSAIAH is offline Old Post 03-27-2002 06:43 PM
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Registered: Feb 2002
Location: Washburn University in Topeka, KS
Posts: 450

TreoCentral should be live officialy by the end of the week

It is Sunday night, yet no treocentral...


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terrysalmi is offline Old Post 04-01-2002 03:27 AM
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Registered: Mar 2001
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Originally posted by terrysalmi
It is Sunday night, yet no treocentral...

Maybe the week doesn't start on Monday in their culture.

which also begs the question, "which week were you talking about?"

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Yorick is offline Old Post 04-01-2002 06:01 AM
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