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Hexacto's Soccer Addict 1.0.2: Discount 30% off!
By: Dina Bergman @ 10:01 AM

Hexacto's Soccer Addict 1.0.2 by JAMDAT Mobile.

Hexacto's Soccer Addict 1.0.2: Discount 30% off! Only 20.95$!

Soccer Addict Brings All the Excitement of the 2002 International Cup to Your Pocket PC!

Soccer Addict 2002 International Cup, the newest title in Hexacto's Sports Addict Series, brings the most popular sport in the world to your Pocket PC. Combining great graphics, simple yet realistic controls and addictive gameplay, Soccer Addict offers an exciting, fast and challenging soccer experience for casual and hardcore soccer fans alike.

With Soccer Addict 2002 International Cup, users can now bring their favorite sports game with them and play wherever they go. Get ready for the soccer game that will get you addicted!


*Hexacto's unique PSI (Precise Stylus Input) technology which lets you control all play functions with your Stylus
*See your ranking and compare your scores with other players at the Soccer Addict Web Lobby
*Exhibition, tournament and penalty shoot out modes
*Adjustable game speed
*Accurate ball physics
*Multiple stadiums with distinctive field surfaces
*Immersive crowd and in-game sound FX
*TV style animated sequences and spectacular photo snapshots
*Accurate player positioning model based on professional coaching strategies
*Real-time formation/strategy selection directly from the game screen
*18 top 2002 international teams including France, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Germany and the United States
*Specific team skill ratings (offense, defense, speed, and stamina) and individual player stamina
*Exciting skilled moves close-ups: head shots, bicycle kicks, mid-air volleys, and sliding tackles
*Career and game statistics!
vAnd more great features!

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