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Carrying modules?

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Topic: Carrying modules?    

Registered: Aug 2003
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Carrying modules?

I picked up a Visor/Stowaway case, and I have a great way to carry both (I had a leather slip case that I used on the velcro, my Visor is extra-special protected).

Question is, I don't have a secure way to carry my modules (currently have a FlashPlus, HandCam & Total Recall - hopefully with a modem on the way). I was able to use a business card holder for a notebook to store all my CF cards, so that is out of the way. Just wondering what you used, I was thinking about making something myself, unless there is something around the house...

I got a lot of Visor stuff

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I read a while back some people were using gameboy (original gb) cartridge cases for springboard modules.. if you do a forum search you may find the article.. it was a while ago so you may have to dig a bit..

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When my HandCam is in action, I clip this case to my belt. The front pocket on the case barely has enough room for 2 standard size springboards, and the case accomodates the Visor with HandCam attached.

Works great, but makes me look like Super-Geek. Also makes teachers think you have a cell phone, but that's probably not a problem for the adults.

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that's one reason i like SD cards. U can carry 6 of them comfortably in your wallet. It was nylon, zippered, with 2 sleeves on the inside for each module.

As for SB, I received a free carry case with my Visor Neo pruchase way back. Put in the hh itself + 2 - 4 SB modules + headphones, or leave the handheld out and put in even more modules + headphones. I have too many modules... 5 at most that i carry so that was sufficient. My Targus Stowaway keyboard went in side my backpack. I'll always have my backpack with me to go to classes or on long trips.

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