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Live Long, Visor Prism

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Re: Re: Re: Not quite...

Originally posted by foo fighter
Revolutionary in the literal sense? No, neither were. I meant that they were revolutionary compared to the Prism in the sense that each offered a new level of functionality and hardware/software innovation that had never existed before = revolutionary. These were relatively small innovations, but at least it helped raised the bar for PDAs. Prism was just a Visor Deluxe with a 64k color screen. Is that revolutionary? I certainly don't think so.
I think it raised the bar at least as much as the Clie did.
They still haven't.

heh...I know. I'm still dreaming of Palm's newest licensee: Toshiba.
Not true. High resolution screens and multimedia didn't exist on the Palm platform before Sony introduced them. So it isn't just about "integrating", it's about innovating.

Multimedia was available 6-8 months before Sony shipped the N710C. Both the SoundsGood and MiniJam were available before the end of 2000. Again, HiRes was the only 'new' thing about the Sony (and that's not really that new since both Wince machines and the Handera (by a negligible amount) had higher than 160x160 available (with Handera's implementation being arguably more elegant).

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