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Affordable & simple Palm OS based smartphone
By: Digisane @ 02:26 AM

Check this out. Feature-wise it's lacking but looks usable enough compared to a Treo 600?


By: wcarlson40 @ 04:06 AM

OS4, 33 Mhz processor, 16 MB memory, no expansion card

Doesn't sound like it would be useful for me. Why not just buy an old Treo 300 and get the same features even cheaper?

By: Digisane @ 04:26 AM

Forgot to say, the expansion comes as an extra module or something, so the size is kept small..
it is soon to be introduced.

Not sure what it is yet, but the layout and price sure is attractive.


One of the features that attracted me to the above one is the screen size and resolution. The Treo600 (or any previous Treo) for that matter has a screen that is lo res so you really can't do much spreadsheet in it.

This one has a screen that's looks good (can't say for sure, but on paper it LOOKs good).

Like all other products including the Treo, they always seem to miss out something REALLY important. Like a car charger and a built in memory expansion. Doh.

BLuetooth and other advanced features aren't really expected for a phone this size and price anyway.

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