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Bar of Soap -- Now in Color: Sidekick
By: KRamsauer @ 12:58 AM


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By: Felipe @ 01:39 AM

Are the b/w ones even selling?

I finally saw someone who actually has one of these (I'm sure it was the black and white sidekick) in the city the other day.

I have already seen two ppl with zire 71s in the subway.

Felipe Garcia
Happy Treo 600 user, so far. Thanx Cingular for having an unlocked phone.

My Treo 600 is my phone, my PDA, my watch, and my MP3 player. Oh yeah, I take a picture once in a while with it. Convergence is such a great thing.

By: mikedemo @ 04:52 PM

I still think they are so cute. Any way to expand memory on those thing?


I have seen a slew of Clie users on the subways these past few months.

It's all about how you spend the money.

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