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Is my screen dead?

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Topic: Is my screen dead?    

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It's been a rough week. The Palm Desktop has been giving me trouble for two weeks and now my Visor appears to be dead.

I had in in my pocket and pulled it out to hotsync tonite. The Visor seemed to be pushing buttons on it's own and was acting all weird. I soft reset is a number of times to no avail. Hard-reset (damn it!)...same thing.

Now the screen doesn't respond at all, but a slight squeeze of the sides will get it to beep (the 'tap' sound).

Has this happened to anyone else? I'm assuming it is dead...time to call tech support (not this again!)

homer is offline Old Post 04-09-2000 04:04 AM
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Unhappy Similar situation . . .

I'm having almost the same situation. I've had problems with my Platinum for about a month now (first with the screen - it wasn't responding to taps - but I fixed that by taking it apart and securing the white ribbon), and my most recent problem is again with the screen, but now the Visor ceases to function or respond to taps (although it's still on, it just doesn't show anything on the screen) unless I squeeze the sides. In other words, I can still use it, I just have to squeeze it - but it gets annoying, anyway. It's really quite strange, and I've never had this problem myself before although I've heard tell of it. (OK, so it might be caused by the fact I took it apart and messed with it . . .)

I've been thinking about ditching this and buying a Prism (color screen, rechargeable battery, more memory, etc.), but I want to see how long my Plat can last before I do it. Has anyone found a remedy for this problem, or do I just need to get a new one and forget about it?

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I've had this problem before on both my IBM Workpad *and* my Visor, and it's actually quite simple. Your touchscreen can only register one coordinate location at any one time (try this on any palm os device: tap a blank part of the screen and hold, and then try tapping the menu icon or any other silkscreen icon with another stylus. It won't work).

The problem comes up when one tries to use a slide-under type screen protector overlay or a slide-under type softkeyboard overlay, where the sheet is held underneath the edges of the pda's plastic case. If the fit is too tight, your touchscreen will register a contact, and will not respond to others until this contact is broken.

IgOrjinsky: Maybe your reassembly of the visor was a bit tight...

homer: check to see if anything is "stuck" at the edges of the screen underneath the casing.

I hope this helps.

K. Tran

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